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There’s also a ‘Passport’ feature, which means you can search for people in other cities and countries rather than relying on a geographical radius - presumably for the super organised singles who like to sort out their holiday romance before they’ve picked up their euros from the post office. In the UK, if you’re over 28, you’ll pay £14.99 a month for it.

While under 28s will only be charged £3.99 a month.

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As you hurtle towards 30, traditional Tinder might engender a few long, dark nights of the soul.

After you’ve Uber-d your latest rubbish hook up away from your flat, you might find yourself finishing the wine with the lights off and Googling ‘E-Harmony’ while you rummage for your debit card and decide that the search for a soul mate is worth thirty quid a month.

If they were to introduce a Plus level with the same price point for everyone, they would probably notice that its users tended to be a bit older, if not wiser.

Tinder’s user experience depends on the quality of its users.

The stakes are altered from the start and neither of you starts the evening on an even footing.

Plus, according to research in the US, 80 per cent of online daters already lie about their weight, height or age.

It suggests that Tinder wants to thrive on our desperation, not desire.

What’s more, I suspect it’s going to make younger users feel uncomfortable too.

Nothing makes us happier than good sex, especially when it’s constant.

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