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If you go to the touristy pick up bars you probably need to assume most Brazilian girls there are ‘working.’But on the beach that isn’t the case, sure hookers can go sunbathe too, but they will be the minority.

There will be lots of tourists from all over the world on the beach, plus many sexy Brazilian women showing off their hot bodies.

Meeting a good woman in Rio de Janeiro who are interested in foreign men is not as easy as many make it out to be.

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You will probably want to stay somewhere near Copacabana or Ipanema.

These are the most expensive areas in the city, but also the safest and where most tourists will be.

The type of girls that are too shy to hang out in the known tourist singles bars, but still have a curiosity.

Or you can meet girls that live 30 minutes from the touristy area that you would never have a chance to meet unless you went to their (sketchy) area of the city.

A good place to stay on a vacation would be Cabana Copa Hostel, don’t worry they have private rooms not just a shared dorm.

It is one of the best budget value hotels in a safe area of town.

Copacabana is the more touristy beach area, Ipanema is where you should expect to find the hotter Brazilian girls.

Beach game certainly isn’t the easiest, but like we said if you strike out you at least got to see some eye candy.

That said we will break down some of the best ways for foreign men to meet single ladies in Rio.

You can click this link if you are more interested in finding prostitutes and sex in Rio de Janeiro.

If you are an experienced traveler you may feel safe heading off the beaten tourist path into the city.

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