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After you described him, I rushed down to the city to see him.

I was with my father and we went in to the apt Alfie was living in, I think on 17th St.

I asked the lady (Smeralda was her name) if I could bring him upstate to see how we all got along and she said OK .

She explained Francis Albert (his former name) was her mothers dog.

You can easily connect with someone and spend your time socializing with them until you are ready to take it to the next level.

Size doesn’t matter and that is why these women radiate confidence and can rock anything they wear.

The dental had to be done, but between all the shots he probably shouldn't have had etc he developed dementia -with seizures. Sincerely Suzy Cohen-Hummingbird Designs ALFIE -Dearly beloved longhair dachsie, companion to Suzie Cohen, has passed after eighteen glorious years, Alfie was rescued by Suzie when he was about two years old.

On Oct 14 when his FUN life didn't look like so much fun for him we made the painful decision. Alfie had two previous owners, both of whom died while Alfie was in their care.

Just think of the new connections you can create and without leaving your comfort zone.

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