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): This is so difficult to stick to but it’s what God wants from us, obedience to him is tricky, but worth it.

He points me to Christ, shares wisdom, prays for and with me, encourages me when I am feeling doubtful and fights with me to hold firm to my faith and the values we share.

My experience, my getting-it-wrong, has taught me that you might not like what God’s telling you to do, but doing it WILL be what’s best for you. Not Having Sex Before You’re Married I don’t know what you’ve been taught about sex, including maybe by your church, but I’ve found that often the focus is on young women’s purity, and it’s imagined that you will simply have to deny and fight off men’s advances. You will also want to have sex, and just because your boyfriend might be a Christian, don’t imagine that the temptation won’t be an issue.

He has been wrecked by parochial school and their twisted application of God.

Here’s my dilemma: how do I hold the Bible card up til I tell him about my situation. All the scripture is about adulterous affairs and incest. well, I have been courting for six years now and have been planning to get married but due to education, there has been a delay with the marriage, but now, my boyfriend wants to propose to me but am not ready for marriage, and he’s demanding for sex, wat do I do I had the same issue with a guy I was dating.

He actually promised he would wait till I was ready and he promised to marry me.

However, the next time we stayed together he pressured me again by blindsiding me to ask me if I wanted to have sex.

They may be amazing but in my experience, they didn’t pray for me, didn’t try and stick to the values I have, didn’t challenge me, weren’t be able to build me up in faith and not having that did not make the fact that they were cute worth the sacrifice.

I’ve been with my boyfriend 6 months now, not massively long but it is my first Christian relationship and the difference that makes is phenomenal.

Ella is currently a student at Cardiff University in Wales studying English Literature and Religious Studies. I contracted a STD virus from my second marriage which kept me from getting sexually involved with guys I was dating.

She grew up on the south coast of England with 3 younger siblings and loves reading, singing and chocolate brownies. However now I met an amazing, but non Christian gentleman who respects my boundaries about touching and sex. He loves me and respects my wishes but is confused.

I’ve found that women having sex before marriage is often treated for some reason as a sin worse than others, it’s not.

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