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In particular, customers seem to notice that the adjustable light, motion and timer dials can be very sensitive, making them difficult to adjust.

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We design our tests to simulate typical consumer experiences.

When, as in the case of solar lights, we do not test the physical product ourselves, we apply the same due diligence to make sure our information and conclusions reflect the mission of Shop Savvy.

The 15-foot wire that connects the light to the solar panel gives you a lot of flexibility to get the best exposure to sunlight during the day.

This is an affordable light, costing around $35 on Amazon.

We spent more than 40 hours researching 10 solar lights by gathering data from manufacturers and examining consumer reviews.

Using this information, we’ve compiled some great suggestions for the best solar light for most people, the best value and the best pathway light.

Despite these drawbacks, customers on the whole have a positive opinion of the Sunforce 81256. The LE Lighting 6500001-DW is a good value for a solar light, costing around , which also makes it the cheapest solar light we looked at.

The light puts out around 160 lumens, which means it isn't as bright as the Sunforce 81256, though it shares most of the adjustable features and is similar in appearance.

The type of solar lights you buy depends on their intended use.

Standalone solar lights work best for small areas that don't need much light.

Unlike some of the other lights we looked at, Kenroy Home KEH-60503 doesn't have a motion sensor to turn its lights on as needed, however you can use a built-in timer to turn the lights off automatically four, five or six hours after dusk to save on battery power.

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