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She also didn’t read the handbook at all, as was evidenced by her shock over having to actually *gasp* SHARE a car (and, if she “had known that I didn’t have a car of my own, I never would have matched with you”, regardless of the fact that this too was in the family handbook I emailed to her before we matched). After asking questions about the kids and their schedule, one of the most important questions an au pair candidate should ask me is whether she can contact our current au pair.I think getting the scoop on our family and life from the current au pair is one of the keys to our success in finding good matches.

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the #1 thing for me was whether she asked about the kids, of course. Then we trade emails and I got further on what the family was like. ) When I was matching with families, the air fare question was addressed with every one of them.

3) Are you hoping that we (meaning au pair host family) will eat dinner together? But my first interest was to know about the kids I would have to live for a whole year. However, I think that the questions that aussie mum’s former, not-a-good-match au pair asked are questions that need to be asked (hopefully these weren’t the only questions that the au pair asked though!

I guess I kept my hm on the phone more than she would like to be. A potential au pair should of course be interested in the children and the majority of the questions they ask should be related to the family, the kids in particular.

I remember asking everything, EVERYTHING about the kids on the first phone call.

See if you can hone in on the few things that might distinguish you from other families…. Please be sure to check out the "Welcome" tab to see how to navigate through all the goodies here. Then, once you’re pretty sure you both want each other based on those things, you can negotiate the other stuff.

Use the two search boxes to find posts on specific topics, and Sign Up to get posts by email. If the first things I get asked about are “Is there a TV in my room, what kind of car will I have, Internet, cell phone, time off” it is a huge turn off.And since we do have that luxury– and so do potential au pairs– we may not focus on the most important questions. I think the core objection to these questions is not that they were asked at all, but as any American adult can tell you, you don’t ask about pay and benefits in the early parts of a job interview.Here’s a question for you: If a potential au pair wanted to learn more about your family in order to assess YOU for a match, what three questions should she ask? You learn about the job, what your role would be, see if you like the fit, etc.She was protective of my kids, and she could grill the candidates in ways I would not have felt comfortable. And when she didn’t scare off the candidate we picked, I knew we had a good match.;) Two excellent candidates I was considering did not take me up on my offers to have them speak to our former au pairs. I just want to know,if it is crazy do become an pair in the usa if you cant speak english fluent? Tell me about your family (what are kids like, what do you like to do, how do you spend free time, what are favorite family activities, hobbies, vacations/trips, etc) 2. Be excited to join our family and not be afraid to ask for a match herself if it feels right to her. It should only be seen as a red flag if these are the only types of questions that she asks you.

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