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Let’s find out her past relation and current affair in our story.

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Sometimes all it takes is a a little cunning to make it look incredible. Sure you could go to a bakery and pick all kinds of gourmet looking but blah tasting desserts.

I mean how much different would they all taste if you closed your eyes and gulped it down?

Well here's a cheat to making ordinary desserts look gourmet!

You'll need: A Jelley Roll Chocolate Dessert Shells (I'm using size 87mm) Cake of your choice (I'm using Mc Cain's Deep and Delicious) Frozen Fruits (for decoration) Slice a piece of the jelly roll, expose the jelly and fit it into one chocolate shell.

Cut Flowers It's pretty obvious which vegetables are out of season in your area, and when-tomatoes in January?

Please-but the same goes for flowers: there's a reason rosebushes aren't thriving in December, so the bouquets at your local grocery store should give you pause.

Next, cut a piece of the cake (if it has frosting it looks better) and place into chocolate shell. Serve at your next dinner party, your guests can have their cake and eat the shell too!

We love books around here because they broaden our perspectives, help us learn new things, entertain, and sometimes they even inspire fun dates to create and enjoy!

Slate's comprehensive estimates on dating long-distance shows that even a medium-distance couple--like one going back and forth from Washington D. to New York City--can contribute 18 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year; the locasexual movement suggests avoiding that output by looking for love closer to home.

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