patti feinstein america dating coach - Guys that best friend dating ex girlfriend

I kind of doubt that he’s seeing other women since it’s likely one of his friends would have mentioned one of his other girls by now, especially if his friends don’t know that you have anything with each other.

When a guy is really proud of the relationship he’s in, he’ll usually want his friends to know he’s going out with you.

All in all, I would say your best bet is to figure out if he can get over whatever his issue is (if you want a relationship with him) and if he can’t, either continue with the understanding that it’s not a committed relationship or break it off immediately and start dating other people.

For many guys, having a girlfriend is an incredible thing.

She’ll also be able to tell you if that woman you’re talking to is into you or just using you.

Best friends want to see each other happy, so men undoubtedly can count on their female best friends to help them make the right decision when it comes to their romantic relationships.

If you’re not happy with this arrangement, then you should figure out what his issue is in regards to keeping the “relationship” a secret and find out if it’s something he’s ready to change now.

If he is, great, you can pursue having a relationship.There’s a huge spectrum of relationships between booty call dating and exclusive boyfriend-girlfriend dating.So I don’t want to impart any value judgment on what kind of relationship you might want at this moment.Essentially, they are single to the rest of the world, but they have you in their back pocket and they can enjoy all of the benefits of being in a relationship without any commitment.The tough part about being in someone’s back pocket is that once they find someone they actually do want to date, you’re going to be sent packing.So the question now is if you are actually OK with it not being a relationship or if you are going along with it in hopes it will turn into a relationship.

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