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Mickey Mantle and Walter Payton come to mind as strong drinkers. Amazing you'll have me thinking about this allright...

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Hepatitis dating service youkilis dating

And this poor guy was as sick as I'd ever seen anyone. They took 9 vials of blood from me initially, when they tested me ((I believe that was done at least 3 times over a period of less than 2 months))...

It seems that viral hepatitis is hard to diagnose..

Thank a healthcare worker i come into contact with those afflicted with Hep C on an almost daily basis....a healthcare worker few diseases scare me as much as Hep C............although there are treatments that can prolong the quality and length of life there is NO CURE for hep C.....best way is to avoid high risk lifestyles such as unprotected sex and IV's drug use ect....Hep C is one of the strongest bugs out there. Among each type there are genotypes, between them, ...a myriad of differences in treatment and outlook.

Hep C a virus and therefore is unaffected by anti biotics. Then years later get checked it shows up, if you've been exposed to it I mean.? Do yourself a favour, if you want knowledge, ignore anything in this thread and do your research. BTW, it is possible to have Hep C in viral remission (as good odds as 80%), the odds depend on the genotype, ...."A", "B" and other variants are not cross tolerant and are as different from "C" as Polio.

She was soooo right, but, didn't disclose the fact that it can take almost as long to recover as it took for the virus to ravage my body.... Byrd: I injected alot of drugs when I was younger and was told when I got tested for AIDS and Hep C about 7 years ago that I had Hep C.

I'm an exercise fanatic, and when I couldn't exercise to deal with all the things I use it to deal with, I thought I was gonna die.... Plus, people are not kind when you're ill, long term, and I'm trying to still deal with that as well.... After my last test, the liver doctor told me that the only cure they still have for Hep C is interferon, but they found out they can use smaller doses.

My Sed Rate was elevated as well as my rheumatoid factor ((but that all makes sense now, because with liver inflammation you can also have inflammation in many other parts of your body))...

((I was almost at the point where I was ready to give up))---I couldn't believe the first doctor I saw told me the lymph node in my armpit was an infected and ingrown hair from shaving.... In the case of the "C" type, there are different strains or "genotypes".

Even with this combination success rate of those treated is only around 40%!! That said, many people live a long life while infected with HCV. Hope this helpsanybody out there with hepc antibodies and wants a social date. But since I have antibodies and body fluids I would like to have a dating site for those of us that are treated and non-detectable.

I do not want to give this to anyone that is virus free.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I heard of a Hollywood producer that beat it by eating nothing but beets supposly he doensn't have it anymore.. It can be treated but certain criteria must be met before the treatment can be given.

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