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Maybe I had to go through that and learn more about myself. Plus, I'm afraid of mouth herpes." : We hope Britney Spears' new mystery man is paying close attention. On her face-to-face meeting with music exec Clive Davis: "It was nice. I was like, I don't know you very well, and I am not a bulls******. On what she does in her free time: "You know, I never go out. A., I'm usually at my house playing Guitar Hero." On her lying music label, BMG: "Everyone keeps saying how hard this record because be because of all the crap surrounding it, but that last one was really hard to make. On ex-boyfriend David Hodges, former Evanescence keyboardist: "I didn't even really like the guy.

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One can’t help but wonder; how many non-celebrities has mister Jeter dated over the past couple of decades? If Derek’s irresponsible behavior has indeed caused a herpes epidemic in Hollywood, doesn’t he need to face the music and come clean? It seems like this story is surrounded by mystery and perhaps that’s what makes it so interesting.

This is where even the trashiest tabloid papers are raising concern and coming up with schemes, drawings, “herpes trees” and other ways of getting to the bottom of the Derek Jeter herpes epidemic. After all, since he gave these poor women herpes, haven’t they since slept with other men? This is the main reason this unconfirmed herpes rumor has stuck for so long. If all of these A list celebrities got herpes from him, wouldn’t they have confirmed it was indeed Derek that had given them an STD? The fact that reports about The Derek Jeter STD horror have been coming from all over the place and originate from quite a few different sources might give at least some credibility to the alleged rumors.

It feels like everybody’s name is in it and Derek is the main suspect for the increase of this list.

Celebrity Herpes – The Derek Jeter STD Horror Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carrey, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Alyssa Milano may not have a lot in common at the first glance.

It is a great fact however that these celebrities do not let the illness or the stigma associated with it defines them or their careers. The big question however is; why does Derek keep on spreading this disease without any form of repercussions?

Should there not be legal or even societal consequences for this act?

The answer to the above puzzling questions is that Jeter is a person who even though has herpes, does not really care.

Long before Derek and Jennifer Aniston started dating, the rumor was already out that he has Herpes. He has dated several celebrities such that it is safe to say that he is a serial celebrity dater.

Word has it though that this captain may have spread herpes all over the place to a good number of people.

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