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I currently live on social security disability checks, but get enough to cover my basic needs.

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Well he has begun calling me again in the past couple weeks, and we have had long talks. But it is as if everyone else has seen or knows different, but this guy is telling me that it’s all lies. Signed, Confused in Oakland Dear Confused: I know you are young, but this is ridiculous!

Let’s go back to the beginning and talk about why you gave him the time of day and settled for this sorry excuse for a man. Girlfriend, after he clowned and you couldn’t locate him or your vehicle the first time, there should have been no future vehicle loans. You aren’t married to him and owe him nothing in the way of shared use of joint property.

He would always call when he was walking to the store or something like that.

He initially told me that he was renting a room and living with a landlord.

Sometimes the unexpected people are the ones we end up getting along with best!

Dear Ms Heart Beat: We dated for a few years at which time he lived in my house.

A month or two went by again and my friend’s boyfriend bumped into him in public.

My friend’s boyfriend shared with me that my ex shared with her that he had moved on and lives with his pregnant girlfriend. My best friend is saying that men don’t go around spreading baby news unless they are proud.

I allowed him to use my truck, and every time he had my truck his phone would always go straight to voicemail.

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