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Author's Note: This is the continuation of the journey of a man and a woman trying to keep the passion in their marriage after raising 3 kids.In previous stories, the experiences of vacations proved life-changing - and marriage saving.And the more they kept talking about them, the more turned on they both got.

They openly discussed their life together and how to improve it.

One item that they agreed was to look towards how they might be more respectful to each other, and consider each others desires.

Time for each other became scarce as sleep became more of a priority.

As a result, their sex drive started to diminish from lack of stimulation.

Susan was a bit apprehensive considering she would soon be walking into a bar to flirt with complete strangers - and with the approval and encouragement of her husband.

She was both terrified and excited at the same time.Sex was "scheduled" and ebbed and flowed in passion depending on the life stresses they were experiencing.They were having "vacation sex," "birthday sex," and "anniversary sex" instead of having any sense of fun or spontaneity in the bedroom.********** This "thing" evolved over a bit of time.As with most marriages, after the first few years, family obligations, kids and kid's activities, work and work activities took most of their time.This "thing" that led them to this night seemed like it started out innocently enough.

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