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I just love snowboarding."It would be easy to say that skiing somehow beat snowboarding, but that ski/board dichotomy, that animus, only exists in the fading minds of skiers in mothballed Norwegian sweaters and bleary-eyed action-sports marketers.

I used to live with one such polarized guy in a ski condo in Summit County, Colorado.

He's too nice to say it, but those companies pretty much flipped him the bird. Jones Snowboards is doing well; they're growing in a declining market, as are a few other brands, like Venture, a small Colorado producer that primarily builds deeply rockered boards (a design invented by skiers) purpose-built for powder turns and the sustainable snowboarding life.

And then the major brands stopped making carving boards.

The image didn't fly with the baggy jeans/tight jeans set.

But get this: After a few years Burton refused to send product or even images for inclusion because they didn't want to be affiliated with an older demo, or, , skiers.

Lately, Burton has expanded its world-view—while contracting its business.

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Getting in the Right Mindset Looking in the Right Places Overcoming Obstacles Community Q&A Once you pass the age of 65, you may find the thought of dating more than a little bit daunting.

Jones had some great ideas for product and a new line of split boards, which bisect for ski touring uphill and click together into a snowboard for the descent.

He went so far as to pitch the big snowboard companies on the idea. So Jones started his own company, Jones Snowboards, which lines up well with his successful trilogy of films that celebrate human powered snowboarding.

Sitting on our dumpster couch one night eating the last of our food cache, Sternoman, who was late on his rent, pronounced that he was switching over to snowboarding.

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