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Here are some tips on the flirting techniques you should use throughout your interaction with a woman (before, during and after approach): As you're talking, pat her shoulder and rest your hand there for a moment.

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Use plenty of deodorant; sweating is another major repellant. You don't have to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but you do have to put on some nicely cut clothes that fit you perfectly.

Make smart choices that highlight your positive features.

There you have it: The three seduction skills you need to have and a step-by-step guide to using them correctly in order to achieve what you want and get the bang.

Follow them to the letter and you'll be successful.

So, you've already managed to establish a reasonable level of trust and a meaningful rapport -- all you need to do now is return to the previous step for getting her steadfast to a date.

If you challenged her to darts, you can suggest setting up a one-on-one competition in the following week.

Here are the three seduction skills you NEED to have, and how to use each of them in order to finally get those awesome women you dream about.

Clearly physique is not a skill, yet the ability to enhance your physical appearance is.

Although conversation accounts for only 10 percent of your interaction, that 10 percent is decisive.

The success of your conversation greatly depends on the manner you manage to follow your objectives all through their main three parts.

Your body language, tone and rhythm of voice are what get the message through in an overwhelming percent.

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