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The canyons are dangerous enough that no one will bat an eye at one missing trainer but in retrospect maybe granbul wasn’t a great choice of totem pokemon. After all, Mino knows that eating friends isn't very nice, but eating NOT-Friends is a-okay~ Part 1 of a part 2 comic~ stay tuned for the second page! He's got some really great perks and does really great art!

Sexy Human Male Non-Vore Female Sex domination Bondage Hot pet BDSM Sweat Collar Leash Collaboration Dominating Heterosexual submissive ahegao Sexy Poses Shibari bondage/BDSM Aesir moaning heart pupils male and female Rose Lei A patreon sketch that my senpai aesir did for me in stream. Laura belongs to Spacehump Given as a request during stream.

This is one of the two characters i'm drawing for my next drawing.

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------------------------------------ So your probably wondering "Why did this take so long to update" or something.

Sleeping Child Prey Child Pred Multiple Prey Underage Prey Mass Vore Female Pred Original Character Underage Pred f/multiple Digestion Noises loli pred Sleeping pred Laying on belly Casual vore Laura kramer Just like all other girls, Laura love herself a good sleepover.

dang it Though I also heard in DA her notes gets spammed or filled by trolls so...

there’s also a chance my note might be lost and flooded within the ocean of notes...

In this one, my sphinx math professor Valerie Meskhenet decided to gobble some city officials.

Isabelle belongs to Nintendo and Callie Briggs belongs to Hannah-Barbera.

Once I finish the rest of the drawing i'm going to completely change the colors, if anything it was more of a shading practice for the dress, so I would like to know what you guys think of it.

Hope everybody enjoys and I would love to hear feedback on this and if/or I should add...[ Continued ...

I really want to buy a commish~ Characters: Mona: https://aryion.com/g4/view/425534 https://aryion.com/g4/view/427536 Aura: https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Aura_Wilcox -------------------------------------------------------------------- Aura has a little job for Mona, but will the bait be taken? PM, the night was a bearable 73ᐤ, with a nice breeze making it feel a tad cooler.

While most people were either heading off to sleep, Detective Ridge was pouring her fi An original story of mine!

*7 pages including cover; nudity, vore, implied digestion* Now available for individual purchase or immediate download for members! ] A crash course in Genie biology: They prey on humans, usually their masters, but once they've processed the physical body, they still need a meal for when they're in their lamps (like a bear hibernating). The Ghost crew was in bad shape after their mission to save Kanan and needed to rest before officially joining up with the Phoenix cell.

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