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And now we come to the part of the post you don't want to hear (please don't be mad at me). K., so some of the following stuff doesn't apply to you directly, but bear with me while I rattle off some facts.I have scoured the internet and its many terrible advice columns and have yet to find anyone who thinks this kind of relationship is a wise idea.

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He sees you both as an attractive woman and a girl he had been recently responsible for.

He doesn't want to pursue something that could very easily end his career.

But I would be the world's worst advice person if I didn't point out the problems here (and I know you said not to, but I'm all the way over here on the other side of the internet and you can't stop me).

Pendleton would barge into my office and fire me, out of a cannon.

S., having that kind of power over someone and then dating her can be grounds for criminal prosecution).

I suspect that, even if he does see you in a romantic way, he doesn't to, for this reason and many others. Dear Jono, You are a guy, and I think this is just a question for you. I could swear that the woman teaching me French hated me. Due to fortuitous turn in events, she was replaced by a new teacher. I substantially improved and simultaneously with the improvement fell in love with him—he just oozed with charm.I’m begging you to answer this, because my feelings towards him are strong. My friends would tease me for him sometimes, so I think it was obvious.He realizes that, by the time you turn 30, he will be wearing dentures and telling children to get off his lawn.You asked me not to judge you, and I am absolutely not judging you at all.The weeks passed and I was still crying and still feeling deeply hurt for losing him. Kind regards, Confused Girl You're putting me in a difficult position here, Sparkler, like a yoga pose where my ankles are forced over my head and my hands are forced to type responses to difficult questions.

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