Intel me 8 1 updating tool

There are 2 ME firmware SKUs: Consumer (basic features) and Corporate (all features).So in total there are 4 ME 11.x firmware SKUs: Consumer PCH-H, Consumer PCH-LP, Corporate PCH-H and Corporate PCH-LP.Thus it's essential for it to be operational in order for the platform to be working properly, no matter if the advanced/corporate features are available or not. Thus, they can be extremely helpful to those who have major problems with their systems for which their manufacturer refuses to assist due to indifference and/or system age.

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The PCH-H chipset works with SKL/KBL-S & SKL/KBL-H processors and requires PCH-H (H) ME firmware.

The PCH-LP chipset works with SKL/KBL-U & SKL/KBL-Y processors and requires PCH-LP (LP) ME firmware.

Follow instructions in this link: any additional software or system services.

They are compatible with both Consumer/1.5MB and Corporate/5MB systems.

There are 2 chipsets: PCH-H (Performance) and PCH-LP (Low Power).

There are 4 cpu families: SKL/KBL-S, SKL/KBL-H, SKL/KBL-U and SKL/KBL-Y.It's the SOL's equivalent of ME Firmware is divided into two main SKUs: Consumer/1.5MB for Consumer Systems and Corporate/5MB for Corporate Systems.To understand your exact SKU, manual research on your hardware may be required first.Since the software and system services are not really needed for Consumer/1.5MB systems, users of such systems should install the Drivers only (section A1).The MEI-Only Installer is the setup file from Intel which allows easy installation and adds a Control Panel entry for quick driver removal.For those who want to install the actual driver files manually via Device Manager, download the INF packages.

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