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If you see anyone doing any type drug, be it cocaine, ICE, ecstasy or weed, take yourself out of that environment immediately.

You may well find yourself in a bar/cafe setting on an island where people are freely smoking weed.

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Anyone caught in violation of the laws pertaining to these categories shall be punished by imprisonment or death, depending on the circumstances as determined by the Thai Courts.

While it maybe true that in some cases people buy their way out of sticky situations with the police, by offering a fixed sum in exchange for freedom, depending on who you try to bribe, this may work against you as another criminal act.

Get caught with a substantial amount and your only hope is a pardon from the King, sometime in the next 60 years. Some even require a permit, and the majority you can only bring 30-days worth with you in the original packaging and accompanied by the prescription.

Of course, seldom to people get stopped and checked for a bottle of painkillers, but I always say “better safe than sorry”. Why let a holiday be ruined by an overzealous official with an agenda. In this post I'll cover both class A/B and prescription dugs, so you can arm yourself with the information you need to travel safely and well within the law.

But when Whelchel and Shanks meet in real life it's the real deal for romance.

Unlike in The Shop Around The Corner where it's the characters they create in their letters where Stewart and Sullavan fall for each other.

If people are smoking weed and invite you to sit with them (foreign or Thai), stay away.

The police will arrest everyone in the group, not just those in possession of the drug.

Still if you are a fan of the Ernst Lubitsch classic you know where this is going.

Hearts Of Spring is a pleasant easy to take film, but I wonder how many watching this recognized the origin.

Aimie Roarke is always up for a cause, whether it's helping a local animal shelter or hosting a bake sale for the Fire Department.

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