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Or maybe he's only leaving temporarily, and plans a magnificent return in fifteen years to make an adaptation of the comic book Recast, of course.They can't just drop Wolverine as a character from the series, of course, so the only option is recasting.So on average, an X-Men film will take about 3 million in box office and home entertainment sales combined.

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Now consider that the series is actually gaining in popularity and expanding, so that besides the third , his box office draw has been proven time and again.

Those six films alone from his non-superhero career grossed more than $1.4 billion worldwide, and added hundreds of millions more dollars to his home entertainment numbers.

Which brings us to the gist of this piece -- who should play the new Wolverine?

I've got the ten best options for you here, so read on and see which actors might turn up on the shortlist for the franchise's most beloved and most stabby superhero!

Kit Harington -- With a loyal fanbase among geek culture already, Kit has both the strong acting chops and the right look to continue a Wolverine portrayal in keeping with the legacy Hugh Jackman will leave behind.

Brooding yet always honorable, angry but good at heart -- that's not only Wolverine, it's Jon Snow from , and he's done a remarkable job for several years with that character.

So if we're just casting based on appearance, Penn surely ends up as a top finalist to play Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.

But Penn is also a really top-notch actor, receiving praise for his performances in the series 4.

Previously, Jackman had given mixed statements about his intentions, saying at one time he felt he should step aside and let someone else take on the role, but later offering his desire to play Wolverine for as long as the studio and fans would accept him in the role.

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