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I go on and meet with them, and sometimes it is something I get."I think anyone who says they have it wired, probably doesn't, and that's what's so wonderful about this business.

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"Having Randy right there listening and watching in the scenes really put the pressure on.

I couldn't be fake or miss something while Randy was sitting right there next to me checking things out.

He was pretty forgiving and wonderful and straightforward in helping me.

He was very, very supportive."Though he's not lived through the story, Dean tapped into the emotions a parent with a missing child would feel and found a way to relate to Randy.

"The things that Randy should have been doing, but wasn't, I've been trying to live my life that way from the get-go.

I'm committed to my son, to being there, and that's something Randy took a little bit for granted."But I'm not married; I don't come home to a wife and kids, just to my son.

Suddenly you turn your head, and you're living your worst nightmare.

It's something you're always scared of, and that for me could not have been closer to home."I've never lost my child running around like that, but I have missed him for a second, so I completely understand that feeling."Since the movie was filmed in around the Simpkins' home in southeast Georgia, Dean became well-acquainted with Randy Simpkins, his character in the movie.

Laura Vandervoort (Kara Kent) played Indigo in season 1 while Erica Durance (Lois Lane) joined the cast as Supergirl’s mother Alura last season.

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