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And she couldn’t hide the fact how they have been together and always been supportive of each other through all the year.

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While asked about if she is dating boyfriend she came up with her usual sense of humor.

Diana has successfully kept all the details to herself regarding past affairs or dating. Diana Taurasi holds an impressive stats to her name in her Basketball career.

READ MORE: * Same-sex marriage debate in Australia gets another run * Australia's referendum on gay marriage killed off by Senate * Same-sex couples flocking to New Zealand to tie the knot * Aussie couple elope to NZ Last weekend the pair got married in Phoenix, Arizona.

In America and many other Western countries they are a married couple but in Australia they are not.

But spend enough time in the sport and you would eventually hear about it.

Most people loved it, a few didn't, and most didn't have a problem unless Team USA tried to steal Penny away.Considering the amount women basketball player are paid Diana Taurasi earns a generous salary.She earns an annual salary of 0 thousand which adds to her exquisite net worth. She has even more impressive stats with country as she has won 4 consecutive Olympic gold medal for her country America.When we look at situation of women and men basketball in America there is vast difference in fanbase and salary.It's Australia," Taylor said."But this is the other issue.

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