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Chart-topping pop singer Jesse Mc Cartney stopped by our office the other day and we heard that he did not think he was “cool enough” for PAPER. She and I toured together last summer and I just talked to her a couple weeks ago and I had a couple songs I wrote that I think she’d be awesome recording. I feel like I’m about to land this summer with the release of this song. I don’t know that I feel older than an average 22-year-old.

Though his pop tunes might not be on all of our i Pods, it’s certainly on some (cough –“Beautiful Soul” –cough cough) and we were all excited to meet him in person. I think I need to and have to tap into the 22-year-old every once in a while. I don’t want to rush myself to be this other guy, this older person.

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Like I feel like I’m just getting over that bridge.

It’s more to focus on my work and everything I have to do professionally but eventually I’d like to settle down. I feel like it’s just sort of finally starting to mend itself.

"A song is supposed to do what a movie is supposed to do.

It's supposed to make you laugh, it's supposed to make you cry," he told .

He has had quite the career in theater, music, film and TV, been linked to some hot Hollywood starlets like former Beautiful Person, Katie Cassidy and he just turned 22. If there was one thing, I’d like to study history because I want to make films later on in life and there’s a lot of stuff in history I think that hasn’t been captured. It was a great foundation for me and a great way to learn all forms of entertainment. I guess I have experienced a lot more than an average 22-year-old in my life thus far.

After he left we wanted to know more about this boy-wonder that makes steamy, sexy music videos while writing heartbreaking songs like "Bleeding Love" for divas like Leona Lewis. It would be fun to study history again but other than that college -- didn’t do it. Some of my favorite actors started off in the theater. I’ve written a lot of records before for other artists.

As I got older, I kept the whole acting and singing thing separate, but it was a great foundation. I’d finished most of my credits and I was pretty much done at that point. His records were kind of my early high school year records so it’s kind of surreal getting to do a record with him.

I was taking a lot of bullshit electives my senior year. The single with Ludacris I think was kind of unexpected but people seem to be really kind of into it, from what I can see, and I’m really into it. Because that’s a big, big, big, big commitment and I’m not really done with this record yet. But I think because it’s so awkward, it’s like “OK, we know it’s going to be awkward, so now it’s not going to be awkward because it’s so awkward.” It’s one of those things where you’re kind of half-naked rolling around on a bed and there’s camera guys and grips all around you and they’re like “Oh your hand is a little too high or a little too low ”.

Mc Cartney's signature theme in the 2000s was love, and the ups, downs, and vulnerabilities that come with it.

Luckily, that theme is intact and explored even more deeply in "Better With You."After his four-year hiatus, his new music video shows a man (himself) and woman go through bliss, fights, and all people experience when they're in love. And on top of the compelling love story, the song is super feel-good and catchy.

In a recent interview with , the singer explained his song choice and why its message was an intentional first move.

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