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Hunter began her relationship with presidential hopeful John Edwards in 2006. In 2012, Hunter published her memoir about their relationship.Few details are known about Hunter's life before Edwards.printed another article—this time exposing Hunter's pregnancy and claiming that Edwards was the father of her baby.

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Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Rielle Hunter spent some of the 1980s in New York City. Born Lisa Jo Druck, Rielle Hunter came into the national spotlight for her affair with presidential hopeful John Edwards in 2007.

She then lived in Los Angeles and married Alexander M. His campaign's efforts to hide their relationship and the child they had together led to a criminal probe of Edwards.

In the 1980s, she lived life in the fast line in New York City.

Hunter had a brief relationship with writer Jay Mc Inerney, then known as Lisa.

"For years, I was so viciously attacked by the media and the world that I felt like a victim.

I now realize that the attacks are actually beside the point.

She told the popular television personality that she didn't break up Edwards's marriage.

"It’s not my experience that a third party can wreck a home.

In February 2008, she gave birth to daughter Frances Quinn Hunter in Santa Barbara, California.

No father is listed on the child's birth certificate.

A few months later, Hunter signed on to work on Edwards's presidential campaign as a videographer.

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