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Sports, then, can be defined as autotelic (played for their own sake) physical contests.On the basis of this definition, one can devise a simple inverted-tree diagram.We find out that their relationship ended not from any loss of affection, but as the result of the post office losing a letter that Lionel had sent to Jean.

The most useful definitions are those that clarify the relationship of sports to play, games, and contests. Recalcitrant children compelled by their parents or teachers to compete in a game of football (soccer) are not really engaged in a sport.

“Play,” wrote the German theorist Carl Diem, “is purposeless activity, for its own sake, the opposite of work.” Humans work because they have to; they play because they want to. Neither are professional athletes if their only motivation is their paycheck. A child sees a flat stone, picks it up, and sends it skipping across the waters of a pond.

Despite the clarity of the definition, difficult questions arise. It is if one understands the activity as a contest between the climber and the mountain or as a competition between climbers to be the first to accomplish an ascent.

Are the drivers at the Indianapolis 500 automobile race really athletes?

The first two games are competitive, the second two are not.

One can win a game of basketball, but it makes no sense to ask who has won a game of leapfrog. A final distinction separates contests into two types: those that require at least a minimum of physical skill and those that do not.They are if one believes that at least a modicum of physical skill is required for winning the competition.The point of a clear definition is that it enables one to give more or less satisfactory answers to questions such as these.follows the somewhat unusual love story of Jean and Lionel, two former lovers who reunite unexpectedly 38 years after their romance during the Korean War.In the opening episode, Lionel has returned to England from a coffee plantation in Kenya and is seeking a secretary to help with his autobiography.One can hardly understand sport if one does not begin with some conception of what sports are.

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