Kate winslet leo di caprio dating

Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this bogus report.The latest issue of co-stars, who’ve been friends since the Oscar-winning film was released 20 years ago.

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Kate and Ned also have a 5-year-old son named Bear together.  RELATED: Are Aaron Carter And Chris Crocker Dating?! "I love you with all my heart, I really do."The source that claims they're dating supposedly quoted Leo saying, "We’re a little older, a little bit wiser, but ultimately the same people as we were when were 21.

5 Details & Rumors That Could Mean They're A Couple Still, this source claims that Kate and Leo have finally given into the chemistry they've shared since the day they met.

I know we all want them to get married and make babies, but they're not about that life!

Di Caprio is set on saving the world and dating supermodels, while Winslet is all about stacking up Oscars and dating creative, mysterious men.

Over the years, he moved on and dated model after model, but he never connected with them on an intellectual level like he did with Kate.” Winslet shares a young son with her husband of nearly five years, Ned Rocknroll, but the outlet’s dubious insider goes on to say her marriage has been in trouble in recent months.

“There have been whispers of friction between Kate and Ned,” claims the questionable source.

For a brief moment, it looked like #Kleo was actually happening.

The two — who have been taunting us with their platonic friendship for two decades — were photographed together poolside in Saint-Tropez along with blaring headlines that indicated they had come to their senses and fallen in love.

They're besties for life and unfortunately, that's it.

That's why these photos of Leo Di Caprio & Kate Winslet through their many years of friendship are just so damn cute.

But that didn’t stop the world from going cuckoo crazy over snaps of the pair on holiday last month in the south of France. News to promote her new film The Mountain Between Us, the actress was asked if she ever had the “Leo talk” with her husband, Ned Rocknroll, and how she told him she was going on holiday with her long-time pal. It was extraordinary.” The friends have split the proceeds and Kate’s portion has gone to help cancer patients who she is helping and the pair were only “together for 19 hours”. Oh no I’ve never been on holiday with Leo,” she added.

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