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Cochran loaded 45s in the trunk of his car, taking them along to gigs, to sell to fans, although it didn't help much.Over the course of the four versions, Cochran expanded his (and his co-writers') concept of the song, seeking a wider audience.

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Cochran subsequently re-recorded his song for the King label in 1963. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers, Pearl Jam and several international artists, including the Canadian group Wednesday, with varying degrees of success.

The song was one of several teen tragedy songs from that period.

They were on a date a few days before Christmas in 1962.

A local gas station attendant helping with the recovery of the bodies did not recognize his own daughter.

The narrator later regains consciousness and finds several people at the scene of the accident, but was still able to find his girlfriend, still lying unconscious.

When the narrator cradles his girlfriend lovingly in his arms, she regains partial consciousness, smiling and asking the narrator to "hold me, darling, for a little while." The narrator then gives his sweetheart what would be their "last romantic kiss" as she fades into death and enters the afterlife.

Hancock and Clark's friend Wayne Cooper, who was riding with them, was killed instantly.

Their two other friends, Jewel Emerson and Ed Shockley, survived with serious injuries.

A fifth version of the song was cobbled from the Boblo recording, rechanneled for stereo, on Radical Musik Records, probably around 1973.

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