Leonard whiting and olivia hussey dating polisz dating

Before she died, I asked for her blessing to portray her and she gave it.

I also asked the Pope's blessing and received it."I had forgotten that she has a big following among priests and nuns.

It's easy to see why Zeffirelli would think his Juliet could also play Mary.

Though she left her native Buenos Aires when she was seven and has since lived mostly in London and Los Angeles, she speaks English with an exotic trill.

Looking into her big brown eyes, I can see the playful but vulnerable Juliet.

Moreover, in her next film - which begins production this year in Calcutta - she plays the decidedly unglamorous "Saint of the Gutters", Mother Teresa.

Has time left such a mark on the fair Olivia that she can now play an old nun more convincingly than a young lover?

In her teens, she was one of the most promising actresses in the world and was offered big parts opposite John Wayne, Richard Burton and other major stars, all of which she turned down.

Instead, her big films have been few and far between, and have included such forgettable pictures as Death on the Nile, a remake of Lost Horizon and, more recently, an appearance as Norman Bates's mother in Psycho IV. "You have to understand that I grew up with the whole world watching.

Her mother - whose maiden name was Hussey - worked as a secretary in a law office, and Olivia dreamt of becoming an actress.

When she was 13, she auditioned for a part in a West End production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and won a place on stage beside Vanessa Redgrave.

One moment, I was just a girl acting in a movie, and then I was internationally famous, touring the world and getting mobbed, giving endless interviews.

By the time all the publicity work was done, I was exhausted. I didn't do much of anything but sit at home."Discussing her early life seems to have a relaxing effect on Hussey.

It overwhelmed me, so I just ran away from it the first chance I got."She might have spent years hiding at her mother's little house in Wimbledon, but she was lured away from this safe retreat by a young American who had fallen in love with her screen image and tracked her down.

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