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They’re not looking for a quick fling or a one night stand.”When Magalas started out, the events she organized were largely targeted at straight folk.But with a more crowded hetero playing field, and a dearth of options for lesbian and bi singles craving attachment, she quickly switched gears.That way they can come in with their groups of friends earlier in the evening, hang out, and then stay for the dancing.”So it’s clear there are still lots of places to get hot and sweaty with your besties on the dancefloor, but what about gals looking for Ms Right? Absolutely not, says Ashley Magalas, organizer of Girls’ Night “The good thing about these events is that you don’t know in a club who’s actually single,” Magalas points out.

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“My intention is to make it as stress-free and as fun as possible,” she says.

“Women will actually leave together in groups even though the event is over, and hang out with people they’ve met from the group.

And for those of us on the outside looking in, it might be a good idea to relax a little and have faith that our larger community is evolving in how it interacts along with the rest of the world.

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As far as a bar for lesbian and bisexual women in the Village, well, things don’t look quite as rosy. There’s a huge number of lesbians in Riverdale and Leslieville. For some reason the boy circuit party lives on, but women don’t go out as much as guys do like that.”So there you have it.

Rest assured there is still plenty to do in the city for an enterprising lesbian or bisexual woman.

“But we live all over the city now.”With Cherry Bomb entering its eighth year of monthly hijinks, Benson and co-pilot DJ Cozmic Cat have been introducing even more social elements to the night to create a space where people can have actual conversations before things heat up.“Both of us really work to put a focus on the fact that it’s a queer women’s night that is truly exclusive,” she says.

“In January we started having games set up on the tables.

From her famous Dyke Night at places like The Caribou and the Boom Boom Room, to her red-hot monthly Cherry Bomb at The Round in Kensington Market, Benson is an integral figure in the scene for the city’s gay and bi women.

“When I first moved to Toronto, there were more options,” Benson says.

Once the event has finished the hostess will collect all match cards.

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