Lewis hamilton dating

Lewis Hamilton girlfriend met him in the year 2007 when they both have attended MTV European Music Awards in 2007 and it seems that they both liked one another and took their relationships to the higher level than just friends.

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Then they stopped being a couple in 2011 at the end of the year, but decided to try for the last time early in 2012.

However it looks like even if they try hard it does not work for them both in keeping their relationships.

He used to date Nicole Scherzinger the judge of the famous X Factor and a singer also for five years.

The couple looked happy together, they also had a pet together a family bulldog which they both loved and posted pictures with him, kissing him together during their vacation in Miami.

And as fast as he drives cars, Hamilton is equally speedy when it comes to dating women!

So, the question of the hour is: who is Lewis Hamilton dating currently? When someone takes a look at Lewis Hamilton’s dating history, it would look like a Casanova’s little black book!

Even though Lewis has asked Nicole to stop being the judge in the X Factor, but it is part of her life and she cannot stop doing what she does.

Lewis Hamilton girlfriend missed a great chance, because Lewis himself has stated in one interview just two weeks from their brake up, that he would like to get married and is planning to propose to Nicole, but as it is clear now it never happened.

Thus, former Lewis Hamilton girlfriend has stated in one interview herself that she enjoys time spent with Lewis and she cherishes every moment of it, but that was before the break up.

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