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Whether you're relocating, downsizing, upgrading, moving or simply seeking to get rid of desks, chairs, tables, and file cabinets along with miscellaneous office products, we are here to serve your needs.

A detailed estimate will be provided to you once the initial walk-through by our staff has been conducted.

Liquis provides infrastructure asset recovery, e-waste recycling, and data destruction services that go above and beyond what other companies in the industry offer.

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There are many different reasons for the Superior Court to issue such a "Conservation Order", but most of the time it is because the insurance company is insolvent, and the Commissioner must operate the company in order to conserve assets for the benefit of policyholders, creditors, and other persons interested in the assets of the company.

As a court-appointed Conservator, the Commissioner may continue as much, or as little, of the insurance business as the Commissioner deems appropriate.

The notice informs persons who might have a claim against the company to file a proof of claim with the Commissioner before the final claims filing date, which is published in the notice and in the court's liquidation order.

In addition, the Commissioner notifies all policyholders by mail that his/her insurance policy with this particular company will be cancelled effective 30 days from the date of the liquidation order.

See Insurance Code Section 1011 for the full list of reasons.

Upon the Superior Court's issuance of a liquidation order, the Commissioner publishes a notice to the company's policyholders, creditors, shareholders and all parties interested in the company's assets.Companies large and small have come to rely on our professional teams, advanced resources, and flexible services to handle the asset recovery or disposal of their furniture, e-waste, and anything else they need to remove from any kind of office or other commercial facility.Whether you are a large company that needs dependable monthly e-waste recycling, or a smaller company that would like to collect e-waste for recycling on your own and send it when you are ready, we’ll tailor our services to meet your particular needs.During liquidation, the Commissioner sells the company's assets, e.g., furniture, fixtures, equipment, in order to generate cash to pay policyholders' claims and other creditors.Liquidation usually occurs after conservation and after the Commissioner has determined that the insurance company cannot be rehabilitated and that it would be futile to continue with the conservation.A company that is in conservation or liquidation is called an "estate".

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