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Since it is the only one I've seen, I'll attest to it just being coincidence, but he was the biggest I've ever personally "handled." His schlong was literally the size of an average water bottle.

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He just got married three, and I don't think his wife is Jewish - she went to a Catholic High School.

I'm not positive why he did it, though this post prompted me to finally ask.

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Logically, I know that r1 is correct...howev AH, I am stupidly thrilling at r2's reply, because this guy is of the skinny wiry sort..he has lovely, long-fingered hands and his nose is rather prominent..spring eternal, eh?

I've known a lot of otherwise attractive Jewish guys who were not gifted in this area (vs, say, the Italian-Americans or Latinos I've known).

While his package was all nice and good, I just couldn't stand the way he treated me.

It was like I wasn't even a human being; more just an exotic play thing for him to have a dry orgasm over.

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