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Affect two: the speaker’s sound wave has to travel further to reach your right ear because your head is placed in between and your ears are approximately 12 centimeters apart.

This delay means the right ear receives the sound fractionally later the left ear; a miniscule time delay which allows the brain to derive a bearing for the sound source.

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When a sound’s localization clues correlate to an in-vision sound source, the brain’s vision and hearing cognition align.

But if nothing can be seen that matches then maybe the source is located behind.

So the technologist of the time did the best they could, which is a very simple left/right panning control.

Those technical obstacles are falling away at an ever increasing pace.

How does this compare to your Smartphone which takes 2D pictures of what is in front of you?

Your hearings resolution equates to locating 18 sound sources horizontally and 6 sound points vertically.

Your right ear will hear a lower level of sound than your left ear.

Your head is located between the speaker on your left and your right ear, it ‘shades’ the sound source from the right ear reducing the level.

Current neurological studies suggest that vision can utilize as much as 60% of the brain’s resources which is a good clue that it is the dominant sense.

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