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Previously called the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail, this exciting new 134 km scenic trail runs from Tallarook to Mansfield and is proving a huge success with two... | Published: 16/07/13 Keith Dunstan, droll master of words and voice of Melbourne cycling, the Don Bradman of Australian newspaper columnists has died, aged 88. these days a cyclists average speed is generally greater than the current average speed of cars and other normal transportation.

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Then why not head down to Hobsons Bay at the mouth of the Yarra with your togs and towell?

(MAP 16 IN THE GUIDE) Pictured: The Timeball Tower, built... | Published: 30/11/15 SAVE 46% OFF $36.95 RRP, now only $19.90 at our E Store This is Melbourne's most definitive and respected mountain bike trails guidebook featuring 1250 km of trails covering 37 serious rides to the north west of... | Published: 22/09/15 A PASSIONATE cycling safety advocate is calling on local councils to introduce 20km/h speed limits on shared bike paths.

Undoubtedly elegant surroundings, but also pleasantly informal where technology, history and culture meet in harmony.

The opening of the trail marked the end of an almost 25-year journey, dating back to 1993 when the first concept plans were developed. | Published: 14/12/17 By Mike Sabey The Bayside ride is famous amongst cyclists for the hoards of Saturday and Sunday morning road riders sweeping along Beach Road with their heads down and speedos ticking over 35 km/hour! A special Birthday GIFT of a Bike Paths & Rail Trails guide has delighted tens of thousands of bike riders... | Published: 05/12/15 Laurent have just opened a splendid new bespoke traditional French style café in the newly completed Eastlands Shopping complex.

Melbourne's mystery tack attacker has struck again, littering the Yarra Boulevard bitumen overnight with sharp... | Published: 03/06/15 By Mike Sabey 3/3/2015 Tougher dooring penalties call rejected, further call for motorists to alter their habits!

The new Victorian Labour state government is following the ousted one from 2014 by continuing to stonewall and... | Published: 03/03/15 Kathleen Lee Joe – The Age 05/11/2014 On spring days like this, there’s nothing more pleasant than zipping through our city streets on your cruisey bike.Port Phillip Leader 17/09/15 Toorak resident Boyd Fraser says there is an “urgent need” to regulate the... | Published: 25/08/15 Andrews Govt asked to improve bike safety on St Kilda Road, Melbourne's boulevard of broken bones ....An article in the Age (22/08/15) stated that pressure is building on the Andrews government to put separated bike... | Published: 23/08/15 50% OFF End of Edition 8: Bike Paths & Rail Trails Guide you can NOW save 50% BUT only at our online Store Last chance to snap a copy of Australia's best selling hard copy cycling guide -... | Published: 11/06/15 Cyclists stand-up in face further tack attacks 24 hour STOP THE TACKS Boulevarde protest ride planned for Sunday 7th June.Pop into the Bendigo Art Gallery (1887), which contains a collection of Australian art dating back to the 1850s and attracts significant exhibitions from across the globe.Explore the host of smaller galleries and antique stores around town and take a stroll down Chancery and Bath Lanes for an encounter with colourful street art.Palazzo Victoria represents the co-existence over a thousand years of arts, cultures and architectural innovations: starting from the ancient Roman remains, which can be seen under the hotel and which make our hotel the first museum to visit when you arrive in the city, to the medieval frescoes and the present day with the splendid hall in exquisitely contemporary style, furnished with the sofas and armchairs by Gaetano Pesce, the unquestioned Maestro of Italian design.

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