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Proseguire sino a ché non diventa carreggiata e scendere in direzione del Rio Bignami.

Today weather was really hot and I really wish that Malaysia can have that cold breeze blowing over our face while having puffy white clouds decorating the blue sky.

Hence explain the slow start and people arrive late.

Here's a picture of us and friends who went to The Music Run at the same day.

I am not sure if you went to the wrong Selangor Turf Club, but some of my friends didn't check the WAZE properly and went to somewhere "ulu".

Maybe that's why people always like to take prewedding photos oversea ha?

=) I did a FB giveaway for readers of Tian and glad they able to enjoy this run together.

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she said full service don't include boobs sucking. And then after, I was speechless with her attitude. I was got so annoyed by her attitude and decided to left. J'ai tout aimé ce qu'elle m'a proposé car elle propose et mène la barque.Giacomo con Museo del Castagno Borgo cinquecentesco di Dragodena Resti castello Montetortore Borgo di Montalto Vecchio e chiesa di S.Giorgio Dove si imbocca Dal centro di Montombraro imboccare via Serre. Very keen to understand exactly what I wanted and make sure she delivered it. Perhaps most important of all, however, Alina provides the most superb service.If you were at The Music Run, I think you will agree with me that it was a turn off when we run halfway and there was no music because the speakers doesn't work. People paid RM70 for the experience and music was the main point of the run!!

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