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Many airline workers may be unaware of the potential hazards in their work environment, which makes them more vulnerable to injury.

The following references aid in recognizing and controlling hazards that may be present in the airline industry.

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This way, airlines couldn’t simply choose a contractor that paid its workers less and delivered services for a lower price.

American spokeswoman Victoria Lupica said the airline chooses its subcontractors on more than just price — it’s a matter of who can do the job the best, she said.

The union helped set a framework for how to organize subcontracted airline workers, while unions like Unite Here, which has organized food service workers at PHL, and the Communications Workers of America, have also organized airport service workers.

In May 2014, Philadelphia voters approved a “living wage” ordinance that compelled companies that had contracts with the city — including subcontractors of those companies — to pay workers $12 an hour, which SEIU and other advocates, such as interfaith group POWER, fought for.

Their biggest worry, said Mc Knight, who had worked as a wheelchair attendant at Philadelphia International Airport for more than seven years, was job security.

They could get fired for a seemingly small infraction — Then there was pay.

Six years later, after numerous high-profile rallies and strikes, Mc Knight and her 1,500 coworkers — largely black and brown people living in Southwest Philadelphia who clean the planes between flights, who help retrieve bags off the carousel and take them to the street, who assist the elderly and disabled — finalized their first contract Friday, winning a minimum wage of an hour, with an increase to .60 in two years.

A new disciplinary procedure says the “punishment must fit the crime,” and provisions are in place to protect their jobs if their employer loses its contract with the airlines.

Mc Knight, who is now a leader with her union and was part of the contract-bargaining process, said she had gotten discouraged over the course of the last six years.

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