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Cám states she came to the palace to replace her sister's position as his wife.The king is saddened to hear so, yet nothing he can do, and marries Cám. On her way, she scolds Cám for not properly washing the king's clothes.He calls sparrows down to help her and teach her a poem to prevent them from eating bran and rice: O sparrows, go down and separate these for me Eat a grain, and I will beat you to dead (Original: Rặt rặt xuống nhặt cho tao Ăn mất hạt nào thì tao đánh chết) The old man then tells her to dig up those jars that she has buried previously.

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Tấm soon fills up her basket, while Cám plays in the water and catches nothing.

Realizing that her sister actually had a chance at receiving a red yếm and the day is almost done, Cám comes up with a plan to sabotage Tấm's work.

Tấm would spend her time talking to the goby about her thoughts, which the fish would silently comfort her. Collect its bones, put them in four jars and bury them under your bed legs." and she does so.

Suspicious about her behavior, the stepmother and the half-sister discover the fish as well as the poem by which Tấm summons it. Soon after, the king hosts a festival, which he invites people from everywhere to attend, including Tấm and her family.

Cám tells her older sister to wash her hair, saying that the stepmother will scold her if her hair is so muddy after catching all the tép, and Tấm obeyed.

While Tấm is washing her hair, Cám transfers all the shrimp from Tấm's basket to hers and goes home.

The stepmother takes Tấm's clothes for Cám to wear.

Cám goes to the king's palace and lies to him that Tấm was unfortunately drowned in a pond by accident.

The stepmother tells Tấm to climb on an areca tree to gather its fruit for the ceremony.

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