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I am always apprehensive when I arrive at your place, but when I finish up I leave with a confidence like no other. Or sit in a way so that I saw nothing until I was fully dressed, madeup, with my wig on, and then she'd spin me around for the big moment of revelation. One of the things that worked out very well was letting you decide what the proper makeover look would be. In my eyes, you brought that inner person to life and made her (I think the feminine pronoun is entirely appropriate) look "elegant". I am also very appreciative of the comportment information and tips you provided. Nothing was exaggerated or affected; I could never have achieved this on my own.

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In spite of that, I feel that I made giant strides in enjoying this aspect of my personality; this is the first time anyone other than myself has seen her. This especially applies to you saying that dressing may a manifestation of how I admire women and cherish (if that is the right word) them.

This really seems very true for me and help makes a lot of sense. They say that the ability for humans to feel gratitude is a blessing. So I just wanted to acknowledge my gratitude to you before too much time has passed.

Jan Marie Writes: For years I would drive to our summer place in Vermont. I reasoned that I would never look any better than how I appeared after Karen did my make up.

If she could do my make up, and I could drive up there en femme I would have the chance to stop along the way and shop, get gas, buy groceries and check out how well I faired in a daylight open environment.

Your knowledge in this area is second to none and I appreciate all of the advice that you give. But I got the urge about 15 years ago to try on women's clothes. Then she grabbed her camera, and that's when the fun really began. And then we changed outfits, and took more pictures. Tell her a little about yourself, and what you want. I just arrived back home yesterday, so today was the first chance I had to look at the photos you took. I really didn't expect that to happen but I think the comportment suggestions helped achieve this.

From a psychological standpoint you answer so many of my questions that I really have no one else to ask. Are you a guy who wonders what it would be like to dress up in women's clothes? Then we changed again, more pix, then changed again and pix. She'll listen and she'll help you enjoy something you've wanted to do for so very long. But I still have so much fun at Karen's, I encourage every guy to suck up your courage and call Karen today! It was most apparent when we were talking in your living room.If I could pass at places along the way I would have the confidence to stay at the Vermont as a woman, 24/7. I got a French Manicure in Lee, Mass., Had a gentleman open the door for me at a Tiger Mart, had Lunch at a rest area on the Thruway (even used the ladies room), and by the time I got up there forgot I was born a different sex. I called ahead to restaurants, explained that I was a preop transgender woman and would like to have dinner at their place. One owner actually walked me to the bar, after I had desert, and introduced me to several of the regulars.One gentleman, sitting with his wife actually kissed the back of my hand.We had spoken on the telephone before the appointment, but I didn't really know what to expect. That request started my journey into make-up instruction, wigs, clothing, jewelry and just a great time. I was thrilled with the results and the first step on my journey.I dressed in five different outfits and six different wigs. So much in fact that I signed up for the Get Together that was being held the next week.I am extremely glad that I went to Karen for my first steps. I had been visiting the Femme Fever website for years and was always impressed with how pretty the girls looked after their appointment with Karen.

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