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The chicken wings were suppose to be plain but came with sauce.

I personally would prefer these multimillionaires to go to Chicago and make the murder victims of the last year household names. They choice to divide and just not do a thing to really help all these people dying.

I am offended and insulted by your company support of this.

Schnatter also got his Camaro back after offering a reward of $250,000 to whomever still owned the vehicle. In 1989, the company headquarters was moved to Louisville, Kentucky. As of December 2016, PMQ Pizza Magazine stated that the company was currently the third-largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States.

In February of 2018, the company and the NFL mutually agreed to end their sponsorship agreement, making Pizza Hut the new official sponsor of the NFL.

I have now had to contact the owner and Pa Pa John.s Quality for resolution……all over a pizza and some chicken.

Very unprofessional and 0 Customer Service for a regular customer over the last 5 years Reply The Papa John’s in Elyria oh is the worst pizza place ever.

Our military men and women do not make millions and they are the ones that deserve to make millions for protecting you and this great country.

Why don’t you and these NFL players go spend the day in the life of our military families?

After further discussion on the replacement she flat out hung up.

Return phone calls were were met with cussing and threats that they called the police claiming we were harassing her.

Reply Very very very disappointed Stan’s comment on the NFL exercising their first amendment rights I would never buy another Pizza some you guys in my life time sorry what was a very very bad statement to make.

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