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In a classic case of supply and demand, Harnden's idea arose from what he perceived as an unfilled public need.His journey also began in Boston when he made a delivery of mail and packages to New York City during March of 1839.

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REA handled more than just door-to-door deliveries.

It also expanded into international shipments and even once owned an express air service.

It was made effective on March 1st and is largely remembered for returning the railroads to private control.

However, a less conspicuous aspect of this act also made American Railway Express a private corporation.

Until about the mid-20th century REA provided a tremendous service since it acted as a third party in handling all express shipments which the railroads would otherwise have to deal with themselves.

If one paid attention to passenger trains in those times at the head-end of almost any consist would be at least one car (usually a baggage) carrying a "Railway Express Agency" stencil.

In time, it expanded rapidly with thousands of small offices located in every corner of America while its headquarters was based in New York City.

Folks came to depend greatly on REA for their shipping needs.

In 1845, following his death, the business was merged with Adams Express as a new industry rapidly took off.

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