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They tell you to beware of a person who seems to "get angry over nothing" or "has a bad temper" -- anyone whose anger is disproportionate to the situation.

Most important, be aware that these outbursts initially may not be directed toward you.

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In those stressful situations if they're going to just stand there and curse up a storm or throw something, ask yourself if want to spend your life with a person with those coping skills.

In fiction and film, someone like this can be attractive in a dangerous way.

" It only was a minute, but you know, it was very telling.

You can tell what kind of a person a person is if you miss your plane, if you lose your luggage, if you are caught outside on a rainy day, or something like that.

But you probably know it already - make sure to act on it.

Warning Sign # 2: Explosive and Unexplained Anger while Dating The elders assert that a huge warning sign is explosive and unreasonable anger.

Most people know these signs are wrong -- but hope that they can change their partner or that they won't matter.

The elders say this self-delusion is a huge mistake.

Clearly, dishonesty to you is a probably deal-breaker.

As Pamela, 91, warns: All the sudden not coming home. Trust is a big issue and once you lose that, it's very difficult to regain. They believe that these are all warning signs of dishonesty that will spill eventually into your relationship.

Warning Sign # 1: Violence toward you of any kind Yes, this point may seem obvious.

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