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When one man in particular turns to her in his time of mourning, and her feelings for him grow strong, will love prevail, even after such a terrible tragedy? That." Candice Michelle faces the person that broke her heart back in high school and now that she's different, he wants her back.

Cena/OCOnce you think something was perfect and you were happy like me, life will change it around. Candice/Randy Ted nods, and even though you feel your heart break more; you know it's the right thing.

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One-Shot Eve Torres left her hometown when everyone humiliated her in the seventh grade.

Now that she is a senior she is back for some revenge.

There's a hint of something new in his gaze this time and if she's not mistaken, it's something akin to sadness.

and even becomes best friends with the other two members? Eve Torres is in for the ride of her life when her family moves to Beverly Hills where the young girl encounters new faces, develops friendships, falls in love and that is only the tip of the iceberg - Multi-couples - Eve, Kelly, Maryse, Cody, Ted, Evan, Nikki, Tiffany, Dolph, Jack, Torrie, John, Stacy, Randy & more."I hope you weren't including me in that little speech of yours." She looks up at that familiar tone of voice, sees those eyes of his staring back at her.

John Cena/Ashley/Randy Orton/Mickie James John Cena and Ashley Massaro are bestfriends, in theyre last year of highschool. Y2J, Trish, Maria, Londrick, Mickie, RKO & Candice John and Ashley are the best of friends.

They secretly are crushing on eachother, but Ashleys parents do not approve of John's rebel ways. Jashley Randy Orton/Mickie Ashley is in an abusive realtionship with Chris Jericho. The group of friends have decided to spend their Christmas holidays in the mountains but when she has to share a cabin with her ex boyfriend's brother, what will happen from there? Ashley's troubled relationship with Matt comes to an end. But what happens when both get their hearts broken and fall into the arms of each other for comfort.While they were off she got drunk and slept with Jeff Hardy. Two months later Maria and Punk are together but there's a problem, she's pregnant with Jeff's baby. All he had ever wanted was a happy home and a family and he had it all but he was lost in something that he couldn't fight. Ted Di Biase and some of the WWE superstars agreed to a bachleor auction for the make-a-wish foundation. When she wins the date with him, will he realize she is the one or will things come between them.Ted/OCEve is in an abusive relationship with CM Punk, however she finds comfort in the unlikely arms of the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.She is more confident and sexier than ever, but what she didn't expect was to fall *Full Summary and Pairings inside*After Eve's husband Ted Di Biase Jr., decides he wants a divorce and wants absolutely nothing to do with her and their baby, she decides to move back to her hometown with her cousin and her three best friends to start a new life with- *Full Summary Inside*Summary: Eve has been gone for almost a year from the WWE. She decided to leave so she could have more time to spend time with her husband. Eve wants to go back to December and change breaking up with the love of her life, Mike, but realizes it's too late for her apologies and try to win him back. We can't help who we fall in love with and that's what a group of friends find out when a college reunion brings them back together. But when a trap is set up, their tires blow, and Alex Riley suffers with them. Now he's alone, no one to hold on, he knew Eve was the only one and knew that he did her wrong. Eve's life is turned upside down, when her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend.

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