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When you’re ready to send the first message there are four key things to remember to improve your chances of success – 1. All our advice really rests on the simply idea to just be yourself.Online dating means you’re exposed to a lot more potential dates than in your normal day to day life, and it’s natural to have an idea of the type of match you would like to meet.

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Check out our advice how to take a photo with your smartphone.

Trying to write about who you are might fill you with a sense of dread. Here’s some tips to help you get over your writers block so you can start telling other singles just how great you are.

Online dating can be confusing and take up time, but doing it right will put in you in the best position to find a date.

The process can be daunting, there’s choosing a profile picture, writing a blurb, and then the clincher – sending your first message. The first thing that will attract a woman to visit your profile page is your photo, so choosing the right picture is really important.

Online dating gives you exposure to many different people outside your social circles, so it’s an opportunity to meet someone new.

Once you’ve met your match, you can check out our helpful tips such as How To Be An Interesting Date.

We’re always here to support you throughout your dating journey and we even provide dating advice to suit your budget – you’ll find the inside scoop on the best places to splurge or save and our top tips for free dating ideas across the UK.

Begin your search now to discover your perfect match by registering here for free.

Not only are you able to search for match members who fit in with your specific lifestyle choice, you are also able to find other singles with the same interests as you.

So whether your perfect night is a film and glass of red or dancing the night away at a local bar, you can find a match who shares your passions.

Women don’t want to see your abs (yet), they are more interested in seeing your face.

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