Millionaire matchmaker dating tips men

Regardless of your certification (or lack thereof), if you choose to use Millionaire Match, remember that you’re representing yourself as a wealthy man, and most women on the site will have expectations about the thickness of your wallet. However, despite the superficial jewel hunters on Millionaire Match, there are some good girls on the site who just want to find an emotionally available, mentally normal, and financially stable partner. You just have to know who you’re targeting and optimize your profile accordingly.

The real catches on the site do their best to avoid sleaze, so keep your profile clean and leave the sexual innuendo for the actual date.

If you truly want to attract a quality girl rather than a “pro” or “semi-pro” who’s just looking to extract as much money from your wallet as possible, make it clear that you’re looking for mutual respect. Instead, he paints different pictures that make it clear that he’s interested in lots of different things, has had plenty of adventures, and would probably make an awesome date. To Review: Setting up an online dating profile can be tricky business – especially if you’re keeping expectations high and using an online dating website like Millionaire Match.

After all, that’s one of the first things a lady will see.

Let’s say I’m a New York-based lady searching for the man of my dreams on Millionaire Match. Hypothetical New York Based Lady says: “I too wish you looked like Burt Reynolds. This gentleman is representing himself as fun and adventurous – even going so far as to compare himself to a conquistador.

This also means that if your yearly income is closer to Joe the Plumber’s than Howard Hughes’, you might want to check out a more inclusive site, like Ok Cupid or Plentyof Fish. Don’t wire money to anyone you haven’t met, and don’t give away personal information over the Internet.

It may seem obvious, but it’s happened to the best of men on Millionaire Match and other online dating sites.Capitalizing every word makes you look like a 12-year-old girl who dots her “i”s with hearts. Instead of telling me that you’re “athletic and health-conscious,” why not show me by providing some details?Something like this might do…“Keeping active is important to me, whether I’m throwing around a football, running along the lakeside trail with my dog, or lifting absurdly heavy objects in the weight room (without even grunting).”This demonstrates that you’re physically fit, athletic and a little funny– all attractive qualities in a potential mate.As you can see below, I’ve got plenty of ways to search: Regardless of how I filter my searches – by location, first date ideas, or income – my search results will look a lot like this: The first thing I see is a headline, a username, and a short description of the user. At the very least, I wish you didn’t sound like Eeyore — sad and self-pitying. His username also suggests that he’s looking to live, to do fun things, and to enjoy.This first impression can make or break your chances. Hypothetical New York Based Lady is much more likely to click on this guy’s profile to see what he’s all about. Good, because it’s time to move on to the most important thing…You’ve optimized yourself enough to make me, Hypothetical New York-Based Lady, decide to click on the link to your profile for further inspection.But if you’ve got some money to spend and you’re looking for a highly attractive woman who takes excellent care of herself, then Millionaire Match might be the right site for you. Let’s begin…Being attractive online isn’t just about facial symmetry or bulging pectorals—especially on Millionaire Match, where your (perceived) wealth automatically makes you more attractive.

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