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For instance, does one party have direct power or control over the other, such as a boss and employee?

How might this restrain the ability of the employee to openly refuse a sexual encounter?

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Does this relentless perseverance respect the desires of the other person?

Exploring and challenging dominant models of gender and sexuality is vitally important in enabling people to become ethical sexual actors.

The onus sits with the person in a position of power to “check in” with the other and to create the space for them to freely communicate their needs and desires.

If there are negative consequences of not having sex, such as losing your job, this is not ethical.

It’s important to reflect on how this might shape our own and others’ sexual expression.

For example, might this make it more difficult for women to refuse heterosexual sex?

The program promotes models of masculinity and ideas about sex that have been explicitly linked to individual propensity to perpetrate sexual violence.

Sexual conquests are construed as an impersonal “game”.

It is vital that sexual ethics education starts early and is age-appropriate, that respect and ethics are modelled across all interactions within a school (and, ideally, other environments such as the home) and that programs are responsive to different social, cultural and religious needs.

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