Most intimidating stadiums

During matches the stadiums turns blue for 1860 Munich and red for Bayern Munich.

Though its pages in the history books remain relatively blank, Allianz Arena will surely have chapters of history in the coming years.

Home to Europe’s most successful club, Real Madrid, the Bernabeu is one of the most prestigious grounds in Europe.

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There's a big difference in attending a big game like LSU in the CNS area than back when Coach Bryant was leaning up against the goal post.

In those days, Bama games were a little more like attending a pre-determined decision of the visiting teams beat down.

The stage for the 1950 World Cup Final where 199,854 people witnessed Uruguay beat Brasil 2-1, will now hold just under 80,000 for the 2014 World Cup.

It’s perfect circular formation doesn’t have a bad seat in the house and with an extended roof that covers 95% of the seats, acoustics will only have one place to go to exit, the pitch.

Now, with its gorgeous design, 90,000 seat capacity, and unparalleled history attached to the name and grounds, Wembley Stadium is the most prestigious, gorgeous and historic stadium in football.

I think we'd all agree that if you've been attending Bama games for the last 50 years that BDS's fans have become more "into" the game.

The largest stadium in Europe, home to FC Barcelona is most likely to be on every football fan's list.

Across the street from the prestigious academy, “La Masia”, future Barcelona players stare at what will one day be their home as they go into training.

The world famous Spion Kop, also known as “The Kop,” on the right end of the pitch is regarded as creating the most intense atmosphere in english football.

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