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anatomical cuirass or heroic cuirass is a type of body armor made to fit the wearer's torso and designed to mimic an idealized human physique.It first appears in late Archaic Greece and became widespread throughout the 5th and 4th centuries BC.The anatomy of muscle cuirasses intended for use might be either realistic or reduced to an abstract design; the fantastically illustrated cuirasses worn by gods and emperors in Roman statues usually incorporate realistic nipples and the navel within the scene depicted.

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Possessed by whatever spirit this is, they relish shedding their clothes to expose their bodies and satiate their needs.

Whether you are part of the military, a firefighter or a police officer, you will always have the opportunity to make inter-services contacts and meet new friends.

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Originally made from hammered bronze plate, boiled leather also came to be used.

It is commonly depicted in Greek and Roman art, where it is worn by generals, emperors, and deities during periods when soldiers used other types.

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Illuminated by a flickering campfire, buddies Parker Wright and Dale Cooper muse about what might be “out there.” Parker is skeptical, but when he goes to piss, the air is filled with a metallic hum.

Manly men who master their skills, our strong and unbending members have joined us for one reason only: to earn their stripes by being the hottest stallion! The army has never given much freedom – if any – to gay soldiers and secrecy has always been the norm.

It was thought that gays did not represent the virile image of the manly fighter… Now that the powerful US armed forces openly accept gay soldiers, one can only hope that the military from other countries will follow their example.

In Roman sculpture, the muscle cuirass is often highly ornamented with mythological scenes.

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