My friend is dating my ex

Your ex did you a favor; now you're free to find the right guy for you.

my friend is dating my ex-31

He's got a ton of qualities you adore in a guy plus a few more that you don't even know you love in a man because he hasn't had a chance to introduce you to them.

He's dying to meet you but he can't, because you're carrying a torch for the wrong guy.

Much as I'd like to say that I'd never have this reaction, it'd be a guess at best, and more like a lie, to be honest.

I can't say how it'd affect me if I were in OP's shoes, because I've never been in that situation. Both people are fantastic, and she suits him much better than I ever could. I am also pleased to be part of the group that introduced them.

So in that scenario, OP still cares for him, but the opposite isn't true.

It is possible that he acted as a douche and OP broke up with him, but that isn't ALWAYS the case. Let go of the past and move on, there's someone out there who you'll meet who is better for you.

Also agreed, but at OP's stage of grief, I think this is a little like "get over it." I like to point towards the future with people recently broken up, or who're in obviously bad relationships, because it gives them something to move toward rather than saying "get away from that."I disagree. There’s a reason why it’s sort of an unspoken rule that you never date the ex of a friend/family member (that you’d like to remain civil with, anyhow).

Especially depending on the circumstances of the breakup- but it’s a betrayal by the friend that’s so upsetting, not that the friend has snatched up your prior mate.

The sooner you let go of your past the sooner you can get on with your future. I think that all relationships, past and present, should be considered great opportunities for personal growth.

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