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(December 1) Hamas modified its position on Israel after reconciling with the Palestinian Authority.

(July 13) LGBT Palestinians enjoy the same rights as Israelis.

(June 28) Gazan protestors should be entitled to return to their homes in "Palestine." (June 21) Israel shoots protestors rather than using non-lethal riot control methods.

Critics of the regime are jailed or, in some cases, executed.

Women’s rights are a slight improvement over those in Gaza, but honor killings and other abuses remain common and gays are persecuted based on Koranic prohibitions forbidding homosexuality.

(June 14) Israelis have plenty of time to prepare for rocket attacks. (April 13) Israel's response to the Gaza protests is unreasonable.

(May 11) Palestinians in Syria are given as much attention as those in Gaza. (April 5) The Palestinian Authority has stopped payments to terrorists. (March 5) Palestinians refuse to cooperate with Israeli security forces.(August 1) Israel is violating the status quo at the Temple Mount by installing metal detectors. (July 6) The Palestinian Authority ceased payments to Terrorists.(June 21) Hamas has a new charter repudiating its goal to destroy Israel.Putting aside the threat of a radical Islamic state on Israel’s border, the threat to the liberties of Palestinians are also at stake if the Palestinians are allowed to create another Sharia-based state.Such an entity already exists in the Gaza Strip where Hamas rules according to its interpretation of Islam and already resembles Iran in its treatment of women and persecution of Christians.(January 10) 2017 The United States should not have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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