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I stayed with Thomson—which had offices in New Jersey, not far from where my family lived.

I was looking for my Next Big Thing when Catherine bounced this idea off of me. We found developers in Mumbai through a Google search.

I reached out to one of the investors in my previous company, and he made a sizable investment, which allowed us to put together a team of about a dozen people—mostly engineers—and get our first office.

Before that, we were working out of my home and my parents' place.

We looked at raising private equity to go buy other companies, but we didn't see anything we were interested in. We thought, If you put these things together and push, a year from now we'll have a meaningful Brazilian and Mexican audience.

GEOFF: It was a 0 million deal— million in cash, the rest in stock. Since yearbooks don't matter much outside of the U. And with that, we plan to make our social discovery platform span the world.

Catherine was responsible for some of our most important features, because she was communicating directly with users and learning instantly what they wanted.

GEOFF: By mid-2006, we had one million users, mostly due to viral growth, but we weren't making any money at all.

That inspired Catherine and Dave to launch my Yearbook, a social networking site for high school kids, in 2005.

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