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You should see that the old file and the .xproj file is now removed, and the new csproj files are added back.Now you are all set to start working in Visual Studio 2017. NET Web Application to migrate, so it was pretty easy and everything worked just fine, when I opened the solution file in VS 2017. Thanks for supporting this app - but the new 3.2 update, it does not seem to work properly with y Google Chrome Netvibes landing page.

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Having your business solution open 24/7 is key, isn't it? A first pure i Phone app powered by Netvibes' API is coming soon...

thanks btw :) and I hear Blackberry is joining the list, which is great. This is why we focused our effort on cross devices sync and offline mode: to offer the widest range of use to our solutions: start in your commute on your i Phone, even when you get disconnected, continue on your Mac/PC at work and finish the day on your coach with your i Pad. This is why we have decided to keep Netvibes as a whole under a webapp experience and have opened our APIs to commercial partners for more vertical, focused usages.

In that scenario, you can manually add the above references, and the project should build.[.559 Error] Project C:\Con Code.csproj has an unsupported reference to a test framework ‘Microsoft.

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I just need to be able to type in a minus sign in front of the quantity.

[email protected], I have submitted a new version (v3.2.0) that supports DJI.

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In this blog post, I will mention about couple of issues which I bumped into during the migration process and the action items I took to resolve those. NET Core Project to migrate, you can open the .xproj file with Visual Studio 2017, and the ‘One-way upgrade‘ dialog will appear.

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